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Our toy pianos are working models of real pianos.  They teach children coordination and music appreciation. Shop our toy pianos today!
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We searched long and hard to find the best quality, real working toy pianos to get your children started with. These pianos have anywhere from 18 to 40 keys, which include the major white key notes as well as the black sharp or flat key notes. This makes the playing experience quite similar to the real thing! Many of our toy pianos come with matching benches, to make your child comfortable as he or she plays.

Our animal toy pianos were made for the casual, curious child. If your child imagines him or herself as a maestro, we have replicas of Spinet, Mini Grand, or Baby Grand pianos available. If a teacher wants a model that will hold up to the use and abuse of the classroom or daycare center, our Day Care Durable toy pianos will do the trick.

All of our toy pianos are available in a variety of colors, to suit anyone’s taste. Girls gravitate to the pink models, while boys prefer the reds or blacks. White pianos are also available. We hope you enjoy browsing through our wide selection of toy pianos, and you will find one that suits your child or group perfectly. Shop our unique toy pianos now!